Concept Presentation

Born in Hong Kong in 2015, the vision of The Smile Bar is to revolutionizing teeth whitening, from a dentist treatment to a spa experience.

The Smile Bar pairs moderns state-of-the-art equipment & products and an inviting and comfortable atmosphere in order to provide the customers with efficient, painless and enjoyable teeth-whitening experience.

Using a revolutionary patented Swedish technology & products*:

  • A sophisticated LED whitening light (Free of UV),
  • Combined with a very effective teeth-whitening gel and,
  • High end oral care whitening products

The Smile Bar offers immediate visible effects (from 2 to 9 shades whiter)

*All products used at The Smile Bar are FAD approved and 100% safe.

Why becoming our franchise

With The Smile Bar Franchise, your benefits from the fame of international brand image, the follow-up and the experience of a strong network.


  • Light Initial Cost
  • Light Royalty Fees
  • High Gross Margin (Up to 85%)
  • High level of franchise support: Set up, Training, marketing tools, logistic, etc…
  • Light HR management: 3 to 4 staffs maximum
  • No degree required in the field

The Smile Bar concept replies perfectly to the market trend of a society where the look has a great importance. The beauty care is a sector that keeps growing all over the world. People are eager to achieve whiter teeth and a brighter smile, without suffering from negative side effects of a dental procedure.


Initial Cost* & Conditions


A success story

After Hong Kong in 2015, The Smile Bar is now established in Dubai, Bangkok, and Manila. The development of The Smile Bar is continuously growing.

Willing to start a highly profitable business? Want to know the availability of the concept on your territory? Please send us a message: