Confidently smiling Big

Napas "Big" Leavprasert

A great smile with white teeth is an absolute must for Napas “Big” Leavprasert. As a model, he needs to always look his best to be chosen right away among other hopefuls. As a personal trainer, he needs to gain the client’s trust by looking and being fit and healthy, which of course includes oral health. However, his ability to land work in both fields does not depend solely on his appearance — his self-confidence is just as important.

“Whether it’s for getting new clients as a personal fitness trainer, or for booking new gigs as a freelance model, being confident is the key to making a great first impression,” Big shares. “And having white teeth, which makes my smile brighter and warmer, is definitely one of the biggest boosters for my self-confidence.”

Although he already has a good set of teeth from the get-go, which he maintains well with good oral hygiene habits including regular visits to the dentist, eating heavily-pigmented Thai food makes teeth discoloration almost inevitable. The accumulated stains made his teeth and his smile seem dull, both in person and in photographs.

For this reason, Big decided to give The Smile Bar’s teeth whitening a try after one of his friends recommended it to him. Since he was very busy, he was only able to squeeze in a quick appointment in between workouts with his clients.

He wasn’t expecting any drastic results from the treatment because he thought 20 minutes was too short — he thought his teeth would get only one or two shades lighter at the most. So he was pleasantly surprised to see his teeth six shades lighter, and without causing him any sensitivity or discomfort. Big was very happy with the result, which instantly made him more confident to smile and talk to people.

Aside from the effectiveness and the painlessness of the procedure, another thing he liked about The Smile Bar is the ambience, which made him feel relaxed the whole time he was there. And because he found the Egg Chair very comfortable, Big promised he’ll come back for Double Whitening.

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