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4-Step Manual Brushing Guide

The key in maintaining a healthy oral hygiene and having a fresh breath is on how you brush your teeth properly is just as important of manual toothbrush you use. Some people will brush their teeth after each meal, however, the minimum recommended time is twice a day for at least two minutes of brushing.

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Smile Hacks

Keep that smile white and bright with these easy tips!

How to Balance Your Mouth’s pH for Healthier Teeth

If you want to keep your teeth healthy and your smile beautiful, then it is critical to balance the pH of your mouth. Even if you have undergone a teeth-whitening treatment, it is essential to maintain the result for the long term. To accomplish it, we have to focus on two areas: Your diet Your

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How Long Does A Teeth Whitening Treatment Last?

Unfortunately, the effects of a teeth-whitening treatment will not last forever. That is the crude reality, and in this new post, The Smile Bar is going to explain you everything about it. We are going to show you why the quality of your treatment will influence how long the effects last, as well as other

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How Often Should You Whiten Your Teeth?

Finally, you have whitened your teeth. They look a lot better than before, because they make your smile wonderful and attractive. It makes you feel amazing, but then a question pops up in your head… how long will it last? How often will you have to whiten your teeth to sustain the results? This is,

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