Teeth Whitening in Thailand in 2024

We all desire to have a good first impression.

What people think of us based on our looks matters. Humans, whether we admit it or not, crave attention, positive attention.
We admire celebrities on billboard signage, internet ads, and television ads looking all glamorous and happy with their flashy smiles, perfectly aligned teeth, and imposing cosmetic aesthetic appearance.

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In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about teeth whitening Thailand in 2024.
We secretly crave for that and we, The Smile Bar, your teeth whitening partner, exist for the sole purpose of doing a makeover on your teeth. What do you first notice when you talking to someone? Is it how white their teeth are or how radiant their smile is? You will agree with us that having white teeth is not only about the aesthetic appearance.

It also has a positive impact on your self-confidence and worth. It boosts your self-esteem.

You can strut into a room with your head held high, flash a smile with confidence, and engage in tete-a-tete without having to cover your mouth out of embarrassment at the appearance of your teeth.

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At The Smile Bar are all about improving the quality and cosmetic appearance of your teeth as well as that of your smile. We are all about boosting your confidence and self-esteem and improving your overall quality of life.

While a traditional dental clinic may sound intimidating or evoke the fear of pain for some, The Smile Bar offers a different approach. Our unique dental services focus on providing a total makeover for your teeth through a patented procedure that is not only safe and effective but also entirely pain-free. All of this is delivered in a comfortable environment that prioritizes your ease and well-being.

Whether your teeth stains are intrinsic or extrinsic, you can rest assured that at The Smile Bar, you will come out with your teeth whiter and brighter, and your smile infectious. We are your teeth whitening partner committed to fast, effective, and pain-free teeth whitening in Thailand.

Teeth whitening Thailand

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental treatment that removes stains and discoloration from the teeth. The result is a brighter, whiter, and more radiant infectious smile. In Bangkok, Phuket, and Thailand at large, various teeth whitening services are available.

You can opt for in-office treatment or at-home kits but getting the services of a trusted, proven, and reliable teeth whitening service provider is what makes all the difference.

We, The Smile Bar, are a leading teeth whitening service provider in Bangkok, Thailand known for our use of advanced technology and top-tier excellent dental teeth whitening results. We have an exclusive new technology from that bleaches your teeth, removes all existing dental stains, and makes your teeth not only whiter but your smile more radiant.

We understand that you probably have had a horrendous teeth-whitening experience in the past. The clinic you attended probably left your teeth extremely sensitive.

That experience left you feeling dreadful whenever you think about teeth whitening in Thailand

It was agonizing and the difference wasn’t noticeable. We can promise you that by using our teeth whitening technology you will have the best teeth whitening Bangkok experience ever. Our tooth whitening services and results are unmatched and speak for themselves. But before we proceed further, it is important that we educate you on a number of things that lead to teeth discoloration. After all, prevention is better than cure.

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Understanding Teeth Discoloration

Chances are that your confidence has suffered a beating because your teeth are not as white as they used to be or not as white as you would want them to be.

That’s normal. After all, teeth discoloration is not exactly a cup of coffee. The truth of the matter is, the causes of teeth discoloration may be classified into two.

  1. Intrinsic stains
  2. Extrinsic stains
  • Intrinsic stains are stains that occur inside the teeth and are caused by factors that affect the inner layer of the teeth (dentin). Here we are referring to factors such as excessive consumption of fluoride, exposure to certain antibiotics such as tetracycline during tooth development, and trauma.
  • Extrinsic stains refer to stains that affect the outer layer of the teeth (enamel). They are, just as the name suggests, caused by external factors like poor oral hygiene, tobacco use, and certain foods and drinks such as cola, coffee, red wine, and tea.

Of course, tooth discoloration is nothing to be proud of. It affects your self-esteem, confidence, and even how you interact and associate with people. The good news is, there is something you can do about it.

Teeth discoloration is not permanent, it can be reversed. That is why The Smile Bar is all about giving you back that radiant infectious smile with top-tier, technology-backed teeth whitening services.

Causes of Teeth Discoloration

Teeth discoloration can be a result of lifestyle habits or dental health. When we talk about lifestyle habits, we are talking about your choices that have a negative impact on your teeth such as the food or drinks you consume.

You will agree with us that having white bright teeth is on the bucket list of everyone. But before you make plans to restore your teeth to their once bright white color, perhaps an understanding of the causes of teeth discoloration is of the essence.

Tobacco Use

If chewing or smoking tobacco is your favorite pastime, don’t be surprised when your teeth discolor. Tobacco use is one of the major causes of teeth discoloration.


Certain foods and drinks may create conditions that might lead to teeth staining. We are not saying that such foods should be avoided in totality, no. What we are saying is that they should be eaten or consumed in moderation. Starchy Foods such as potatoes or pasta and drinks such as coffee, tea, colas, and wines may lead to teeth discoloration.

Poor dental hygiene

This, without any shade of a doubt, is a no-brainer. It won’t come as a shock to anyone. If you fail to floss or brush your teeth on a daily basis, you are setting your teeth up for discoloration. Failure to brush and floss regularly allows for food particles and bacteria to cling to your teeth and stick around in your mouth. The result is bad breath and teeth discoloration over time.


The biological process impacts every aspect of our bodies and teeth are no exception. As we age, the outer layer of our teeth wears away. This makes it easier for stains to develop hence making the teeth appear duller and less white.


We are products of our environment, right? If you live in an environment with high levels of fluoride in water, you are likely to experience fluorosis. This explains why some people hailing from a certain area tend to have teeth discoloration compared to those that live in areas with low water fluoride levels.

Certain diseases/illnesses

Some people are predisposed to teeth discoloration due to certain medical conditions that may impact enamel. These medical conditions include liver disease, celiac disease, calcium deficiency, rickets, eating disorders, and metabolic diseases. Consequently, certain medical conditions such as chemotherapy and radiation contribute to teeth discoloration.


Believe it or not, when it comes to flashing or maintaining that infectious bright smile, some people are just born lucky. And others, well, not so much. Some people are more prone to teeth discoloration due to genetic factors that affect the thickness and color of the enamel and dentin.


Accidents do happen and you may fall and chip your tooth hence affecting the enamel and leading to teeth discoloration. While this is common among children, adults may be affected as well.

While it’s difficult to exactly tell how many of us suffer from discolored teeth, it’s no secret that we deeply care about the health and color of our teeth.

We yearn and crave white teeth and this explains why teeth whitening services in Thailand have increased in popularity in recent years. At The Smile Bar, whitening your teeth is our reason for existence. We are all about making your smile brighter, and your teeth sparkling white at an affordable price.


How Teeth Whitening Works At the Smile Bar

First things first, if you’ve had a horrible teeth whitening experience in the past, we promise you that you will be awed by our non-invasive and pain-free teeth whitening process.

We understand you have reservations and second thoughts. Your last teeth whitening experience was awful.

They bleached your teeth and it hurt like hell. The pain that followed the teeth whitening procedure is something you wouldn’t wish to relieve. It felt as if an invisible person was sticking needles in your teeth.

Try our teeth whitening services today and see a whole world of difference in teeth whitening. At The Smile Bar, our in-office or in-salon treatment is like nothing you’ve experienced before. When you walk into our facility, we first make you feel comfortable. We actually have a 4 step process once you are in our facility.

Step 1: Orientation and Evaluation

This is where our technicians or dentists first make you understand the whole teeth whitening process. The goal is to educate you and alleviate any fears you might be having from a bad teeth whitening experience in the past. We will then evaluate your teeth against our shade guide. The essence of the shade guide is to help us determine the pre-treatment teeth color.

Step 2: Pre-Whitening Procedure

In this second step, we prepare your teeth for treatment. We will ask you to undertake a 2-step mouth cleaning process. We will take you to a dentist’s area where you will be required to quickly gargle using our whitening mouthrinse and thereafter brush your teeth using our whitening toothpaste.

Step 3: Direct Whitening Session

This is where we put to work our state-of-the-art patented technology developed for over 10 years by The Smile Bar. We have exclusivity on this technology and this explains why we are a leader in teeth whitening in Thailand.

Our exclusive whitening gel is a special kind of gel that is applied on your teeth and then boosted with the UV-free LED Plasma light for 20 minutes.

This special gel is used for bleaching your teeth whiter and removes all organic stains from your teeth pain-free and without any side effects. While your teeth whitening is ongoing, all you have to do is sit tight, listen to your favorite music, read a book or a magazine, or watch stuff on your tablet if you want. We promise you that the process is effective, painless, and silent.

Step 4: Post-Whitening Results

This last step is where you get to know how many shades lighter your teeth have become. To do this, our dentist will once again re-evaluate your teeth against our shade guide. You will be surprised just how whiter, shinier, and brighter your teeth have become in a mere 20 minutes!

Have you got ready for your bright smile?


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How to Maintain a Bright and White Smile

Once we are done with whitening your teeth, it doesn’t end there. You have a role to play to maintain them and ensure that they stay white and bright. We care for you and that is why, at The Smile Bar, we offer aftercare and maintenance services.

After all, how can we be a leader in teeth whitening in Thailand if we just let off our clients or patients without guiding them on how to effectively maintain their now whiter, brighter, and shinier teeth?

Of course, developing good oral habits is of the essence. Our dentists always encourage patients to brush their teeth twice a day for a duration of at least 2 minutes, floss at least once a day, and use our exclusive Oral Care system to maintain the excellent results of your direct whitening treatment.

After your teeth whitening treatment, we provide you with a take-home maintenance kit which includes a mouthwash and toothpaste specially formulated to prevent teeth discoloration.

We also provide guidance on good oral hygiene habits. Our goal is to ensure you get the best professional dentistry services possible. You can
join our mailing list and get exclusive information on our offers, teeth-whitening packages, and actionable tips on how to keep your teeth brighter, whiter, and shinier for a long time. Book an appointment with us today and let us make your teeth whiter, and your smile brighter!

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Welcome to our state-of-the-art teeth whitening clinic, where we use cutting-edge laser technology to provide you with the most effective and advanced dental bleaching treatments available.

Our experienced cosmetic dentists are dedicated to enhancing your smile, using top-quality gel formulations for stunning results. Whether you’re interested in teeth whitening, veneers, or other
cosmetic dentistry procedures, our clinic is the go-to destination for a radiant smile.

Step into our modern dental practice, where we combine the art and science of dentistry to create a welcoming and relaxing environment.

Experience the transformative power of our treatments, as our skilled dentists work their magic, leaving you with a brighter, healthier, and more confident smile. Trust our expertise and explore our range of dental services to achieve your dream smile at our renowned teeth whitening clinic.

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Why We Should Be Your Go-To Teeth Whitening Service Provider in Bangkok Thailand

Why should you consider us for your teeth whitening treatment in Bangkok Thailand? You are probably asking yourself that question. With so many teeth whitening clinics
in Bangkok Thailand, you might find yourself in a dilemma of sorts. Here are 3 key reasons why we, The Smile Bar, should be your teeth whitening treatment service provider.

1. Safety and Efficacy

At The Smile Bar, we use a patented whitening gel and advanced LED light technology to provide safe and effective results. Our teeth whitening services are not only safe but also pain-free. Our highly trained technicians also ensure that your teeth whitening treatment is customized to your individual needs and goals.

2. Convenience

We live in a fast-paced world and no one wants to deal with a teeth whitening service provider that is rigid. At The Smile Bar, we offer online booking and flexible scheduling options. As such, it doesn’t matter how busy you are, you can rest assured that we can accommodate your schedule and offer you top-notch teeth whitening services in Bangkok.

3. Cost

We understand that while as a patient you want a brighter smile, the cost is an important factor. Our services are competitively priced compared to other teeth whitening service providers in Bangkok. We offer 3 packages to ensure that we accommodate all our clients.

Depending on your personal tastes and preferences as well as the state of stains on your teeth, you can go for single whitening, double whitening, or triple whitening
package. All are priced differently with the single whitening being the cheapest. What we can promise you is that irrespective of the package you choose, there is no compromise on quality.

4. Expertise

At The Smile Bar, we have a team of highly trained and experienced technicians. Our technicians are knowledgeable about teeth whitening, veneers, and implants and can provide personalized recommendations based on your specific needs and goals. We are all about educating our clients and helping them make informed decisions.

When you walk through our doors or visit any of our clinics, we have a duty of care to ensure that as a patient, you get top-notch professional teeth whitening services in Bangkok Thailand.

We also offer aftercare and maintenance services to help our clients sustain the teeth whitening results over time.

Teeth Whitening In Thailand Cost

We understand that your desire to have white and brighter teeth may be impeded by cost. At The Smile Bar, our teeth whitening Thailand services are competitively priced. We endeavor to provide you with top-notch teeth whitening in Thailand services without burning a hole in your pockets. Generally, we have 3 teeth whitening treatment packages.

Single Whitening

This package is recommended for individuals who already have relatively white teeth but want to make their smile brighter. Brighter is better, right? We understand that you might not be quite conversant with what is white and that is why we encourage you to first visit us for an assessment.

With the single whitening package, you get one direct whitening session for a duration of 20 minutes. The cost or price for a single whitening session is THB 2,399.

Double Whitening

This package is recommended for individuals with visible stains on their teeth. The stains could be a result of the food and beverage pigments. It is recommended that you try the double whitening package to try to restore the natural color of your teeth. The double whitening package entails 2 sessions of 20 minutes each and costs THB 4,399.

Triple Whitening

If for some reason you’ve never undertaken a teeth whitening treatment
or your last treatment was done a long time ago, we recommend that you go for the triple whitening package. This package entails 3 direct sessions lasting 20 minutes each and costs THB 5,799.

Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening In Thailand At The Smile Bar

At The Smile Bar, we believe that having good oral hygiene and a brighter smile makes you feel more confident. It changes people’s perception of you and makes facing the world a lot easier. If you are there and wondering why you should book an appointment with us, here are some of the benefits of having your teeth whitened at The Smile Bar.

Safer treatment and comfort

No doubt, you’ve heard horrendous stories if not past personal experiences of teeth whitening procedures that went awful. At the Smile Bar, your comfort and safer treatment are our number one priority. When you choose our teeth whitening services, we can promise you safer tooth whitening treatment backed with technology and make your experience one you will never forget.

Our teeth whitening treatments are not only safe but also effective and pain-free! We assess your teeth and carefully monitor your teeth’s progress with the sole goal of ensuring that they are not exposed to any damage.

Guaranteed results

We understand that you were probably frustrated with your teeth whitening experience in the past. At The Smile Bar, we guarantee you excellent results in the shortest time possible. Our teeth whitening service is backed up with technology and we can only promise you fast and reliable results.

Whether you opt for the single, double, or triple teeth whitening package, we can promise you nothing short of excellent results. Book an appointment with us today and see the results for yourself!

Enhanced self-esteem

Do you find yourself covering your mouth when talking or smiling because your teeth are discolored? Has your self-esteem plummeted because of this? We at The Smile Bar assure you that once you take any of our teeth whitening packages, we will restore the color of your teeth and enhance your self-esteem. You need to feel confident about your smile and that is what we at The Smile Bar promise you!

Speedy procedure

We live in a fast-paced world. You want teeth whitening services that are fast, effective, and with notable excellent results. That is what we at The Smile Bar are all about. Our teeth whitening procedure or sessions last only 20 minutes and you will be ready to be wowed by the transformation.

Depending on the package you choose, you will be in and out within no time. We promise you a speedy, effective, and pain-free teeth whitening procedure backed by technology.

In conclusion, a healthier mouth, whiter smiles, and brighter lives are what we at The Smile Bar are all about. We are your reliable, trusted, and proven teeth whitening partner in Bangkok Thailand.

We believe that you need to be confident in your smile and there is no better way to do that than going for our quick, cozy, and effectiveteeth whitening services in Bangkok.

Book an appointment with us today, and let us put a smile on your face with our oral care solutions without the need for surgery. We are all about giving you a whiter, brighter, and healthier smile!

From 2 to 9 shades whiter in 20 minutes!

Have you got ready for your bright smile?