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Results Matter Most

Our whitening treatment gives you a brighter smile - simple as that.

At The Smile Bar, we harness the power of a patented technology meticulously developed and produced in Europe by our team of scientists for over 20 years. This innovative approach guarantees visibly whiter teeth in a short amount of time, all achieved without any discomfort or adverse side effects.

Triple Whitening

Triple Whitening 1 | The Smile Bar
Triple Whitening
"Always wanted to try teeth whitening and then I found out about The Smile Bar. So happy with the results and can't wait to come back to finish my Premium Smile Bundle in time for my wedding!"
Janette Lao
Triple Whitening 2 | The Smile Bar
Triple Whitening
"I can't believe I had 10 shades whiter without feeling anything! Thank you !"
Mike Chen
Triple Whitening 3 | The Smile Bar
Triple Whitening
"As a smoker and coffee drinker, my teeth looked very yellow before. I got 12 shades lighter on my first visit—speechless! My gums felt a bit sensitive after the third session, but it was only for a few hours. The experience was really comfortable!"
Antonio De Guzman
Triple Whitening 4 | The Smile Bar
Triple Whitening
"I got cleaning, triple whitening, and seal protection at The Smile Bar Bangkok. The results are amazing! I should've done this sooner. Big thanks to Pan and The Smile Bar Bangkok! Now, I'm not shy to smile anymore."
Kaito Wanatabe

Double Whitening

Double Whitening 1 | The Smile Bar
Double Whitening
"The staffs are very accommodating, and knowledgeable. I didn’t expect to get 4 shade jumps in just 40 minutes. They also applied Nano Shield for me. I love it, was told I can drink coffee right away."
Angela Reyes
Double Whitening 2 | The Smile Bar
Double Whitening
"I was shocked with the result. Normally it takes me 2 repeats of 5 days of continuous whitening to see an effect. Now, I tried Double Whitening and in 40 minutes, the results are way more obvious. My teeth also feels so cleaner. I can’t believe it. I’m a convert now."
Frances Chua
Double Whitening 3 | The Smile Bar
Double Whitening
"My teeth shade jumped 8 shades whiter. I’m always skeptical but I did a selfie 2 days after, my teeth are still white. I’m definitely going back."
Ala Yoo Kim
Double Whitening 4 | The Smile Bar
Double Whitening
"My first time at The Smile Bar in KL was way better than my previous Zoom session because it didn't hurt at all! It was easy, and the staff were great! Got 6 shades whiter! Can't wait to go back!"
Helen Kim

Single Whitening

Single Whitening 1 -| The Smile Bar
Single Whitening
"I am in a rush, so I just did a single whitening, and I am very happy with the results ! Thank you !"
Maria Rodriguez
Single Whitening 2 | the Smile Bar
Single Whitening
"This is my first time to try teeth whitening ever and I'm so happy of the results. In Just 20mins, I can't believe it. I will be back !"
Julien Verdière
Single Whitening 3- | The Smile Bar
Single Whitening
"I am used to come here. I always do a cleaning first at The Smile Bar Bangkok, then only a single session. Luckily My teeth get white very easily. See you soon Pan :P !"
Luna Rima
Single Whitening 4 | The Smile Bar
Single Whitening
"During the process, I did not feel anything at all. And I got 4 shades whiter. I will come back for a Double session soon, as I want to get even whiter teeth :)"
Philip Lim
From 2 to 9 shades whiter in 20 minutes!

Have you got ready for your bright smile?