Hello guys, not so long ago I went to the Bangkok Smile Bar clinic to whiten my teeth. Many of you guys might think that teeth whitening may cause pain and tooth sensitivity, but here is my thought and review after using their service.

I went to The Smile Bar where they provide very good service of teeth whitening. They provide all the information you want to know, so just feel free to ask them any questions you have. There is a dental check before whitening and they have a teeth color comparison after bleaching to show you how many shades brighter your teeth get.

During teeth whitening, you sit on a very comfortable chair, and it doesn’t take long to get naturally white teeth.

After the teeth whitening was finished, my teeth clearly looked whiter. Plus there was no tooth sensitivity, sore teeth, or any gum irritation. Now I have gotten my favorite white teeth back.

They also have toothpaste and mouthwash here. They are premium products from Sweden. They use the same technology in the product as the technology that is used to bleach your teeth. Therefore, you can be confident in the efficiency of whitening.

For those who are interested, I recommend The Smile Bar. It is located in Siam Soi 5. It’s easy to find, just get off at Siam BTS Station.

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From 2 to 9 shades whiter in 20 minutes!

Have you got ready for your bright smile?