Speaking, singing, smiling with whiter teeth

Ananya “Goodiie” Saowaparkmaneewong

Working as an event host, singer, and actress puts Ananya “Goodiie” Saowaparkmaneewong’s face — and thus, her teeth and her smile — in the public eye. “I open my mouth to talk and to sing and to act, so people always see my teeth,” she shares. “So taking care of my teeth and my smile is important because I want to keep doing my jobs.”

Goodiie already has a lovely smile to begin with, which she maintains with good oral hygiene habits. However, her love for coffee wasn’t doing her teeth any favors, as yellow stains have started to form on her teeth’s surface in spite of her discipline in brushing, flossing, and rinsing. Although they weren’t obvious yet, the stains have somehow made her smile seem rather lackluster, especially in photographs.

This change, small as it is, has made Goodiie self-conscious because of the nature of her jobs. She found herself worrying what people thought of her teeth and her smile.

She first heard about The Smile Bar when her friend recommended it to her, but she admits that she didn’t decide to try it right away. “I’m the type of person who always does her research before trying anything new,” she quips. “I’m very particular with the stuff that I choose to take care of myself, so I really study before I go for it.”

Aside from effectiveness, Goodiie’s main concern is safety. Since her smile is an integral component of her work, she can’t risk trying any procedures that could cause her teeth and mouth any kind of harm. After doing her homework — checking on The Smile Bar not only in Thailand, but also in other places like Dubai, the Philippines, and Hong Kong — she was convinced that a Double Whitening session may be well worth her time.

Goodiie notes that she has become more confident to speak, sing, and smile after her teeth got four shades lighter. “I’m no longer anxious about what the audiences might think when they see my smile,” she delightedly adds. “I’m glad I decided to go for direct whitening at The Smile Bar, and I’ll definitely be back again!”

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