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Natty Natasha Julanon

Natty Natasha Julanon is the epitome of the modern power woman, successfully balancing two equally demanding and equally lucrative careers: acting and business. Working as an actress puts her in front of the camera a lot, while running her family’s shoe business means she needs to socialize with many people from across various industries. On both jobs, her smile is very important.

“Trust matters so much in both my professions. In acting, it is essential to have the trust of the public and the actors and directors I work with, while in business, it is important to have the trust of my employees, partners, and customers,” Natty shares. “More than just helping me make a great first impression, my smile helps me earn and keep trust because it’s how I show my sincerity.”

Natty does her best to take care of her smile, but she admits to being afraid of going to the dentist because of less-than-pleasant experiences in the past. For this reason, she actually had some reservations about trying Direct Whitening at The Smile Bar. But when she finally sat on the Egg Chair and the procedure began, she was delighted at how comfortable the session was.

“I was just on my iPad the whole time,” she quips. “It was an amazing experience.”

Thinking that all cosmetic dental whitening offerings in the market were similar, Natty expected to feel at least some pain or sensitivity on her teeth and gums. Throughout the procedure, however, she didn’t feel anything of the sort, which actually it made her worry a little if the treatment was even working. So when the session ended with her teeth five shades lighter, she was as pleasantly surprised as she was extremely satisfied with the results.

Being the busy woman that she is, Natty couldn’t stick to the 72-hour down time after the treatment, so she also opted for NanoSeal Total+. This allowed her to eat and drink anything she wanted as soon as she left The Smile Bar, without having to worry about new discoloration.

“My whiter, brighter smile benefits both my careers,” she adds happily. “I’ll make sure I visit The Smile Bar regularly to keep my smile this way!”

From 2 to 9 shades whiter in 20 minutes!

Have you got ready for your bright smile?

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