9 Secrets for Whiter Teeth After 40

September 8, 2020

As soon as gray hair and wrinkles begin to make an appearance as we get older, it becomes so evident to everyone around, but very few people take notice of what aging does to the teeth. If you’ve observed your white teeth looking like turning from pearl to “it was white,” over the years, you should know that all that coffee you take isn’t exactly the cause.

Relax – a little yellowness wouldn’t stop the world from spinning. However, there are several ways to ensure your smile always gives away a beautiful set of teeth. Starting from natural DIY approaches to avoiding staining foods, the tips we provided for you will help you keep your teeth white even after 40!

1 | Brush Twice Daily for at Least Two Minutes

To help prevent stains and yellowness, the American Dental Association recommends thorough brushing for nothing short of two minutes. While brushing, you should always pay attention to the inner surfaces, outer surfaces, and chewing surfaces. Also, remember to brush the inner side of your front teeth with up-and-down strokes.

2 | Eat more Veggies and Fruit.

Fruits and Veggies are naturally the best foods for your teeth, and this is due to their mouth health and nutritional benefits. For instance, raw vegetables and crisp fruits like carrot, apples, and celery are excellent in cleaning plaque from the teeth and freshen the breath. Most vegetables and fruits contain lots of antioxidant vitamins, one of which is vitamin C. They help protect your gums and other tissues from bacterial infection and cell damage.


You should also note that leafy salad contains tons of folic acids, a member of the vitamin B family. It supports cell growth throughout your entire body and promotes a healthy mouth.

3 | You Should Be Careful With Tea

Tea is fantastic, and also good for your body, but not pearly white teeth-friendly. Tea is terrific because the antioxidants in each cup you take help decrease the risk of diseases ranging from diabetes to cardiovascular diseases. However, it is also notorious for tooth stain.

Therefore, ensure to brush your teeth before taking your tea, then swish wash as soon as you drop the cup – to be on the safe side.

4 | You Should Try Oil-Pulling

There’s an ancient technique for healing cells tissues and organs called the Ayurvedic practice. It supports the body’s elimination of body waste without interfering with healthy microflora. It involves 20 minutes of swish washing, first thing in the morning.

The Ayurvedic practice of oil-pulling is famous for its numerous health benefits, which include oral hygiene. Luckily, you have to do is swish wash a teaspoon of oil in your mouth for 20 or more minutes, then you go ahead and spit it out. The method does not only prevent bad breath, tooth, decay, and cracked lips but also keeps your teeth white.

5 | Try an Electric Toothbrush

Although brushing your teeth with the traditional toothbrush is excellent and a fantastic way to keep your teeth shiny-white, but an electric brush does the job even better. 

A 2004 study has indicated that the powered brush has more dental benefits than the typical soft-bristled brush – they reduce and eliminate gingivitis and plaque better. The conclusion from the study shows that it achieves a modest reduction in teeth diseases, and removes stains better compared to the manual toothbrush.

6 | Try to Reduce Your Wine Intake

The pleasure and benefits that come with taking wine are so overwhelming that it might seem unfair to be asked to cut down its intake. The only problem is since we are concerned about keeping shiny-white teeth, wine is sort of a problem. The red varieties are mostly known to steal the whiteness off pretty smiles. However, it might interest you to know that those red wines aren’t always the problem. Those white varieties too, which we mostly don’t consider, also stains the teeth.

All you have to do is floss your teeth before and after taking wine.

7 | Avoid Sipping Your Coffee

It is very common to see people sipping their coffee, and if you are guilty of this, it’s high time to quit it and learn to down the whole at intervals. Unless you aren’t interested in the color of your smile, you should stop sipping your coffee as it is one of the major sources of teeth stains. Also, get used to taking your coffee with something – snack, maybe – it helps generate more saliva to protect your teeth.

8 | You Should Floss Your Teeth Regularly

When you choose or forget to floss, you encourage bacteria to build upon your teeth and hit the enamel, which is just perfect for that yellowish smile! Flossing your teeth should be made a habit by continually reminding yourself before and after each meal.

9 | Learn to Use Straw

Whether wine, tea, or coffee, the next time you choose to take one, remember to use a straw to avoid them making direct contact with your teeth. If you are taking one while reading this, don’t worry, you’re spared this time, but ensure to remember next time. 


In this article, you’ve seen regular things you do/take that stains your teeth over time. As much as it might sound difficult to cut down these habits that are notorious for teeth stain, it is still the best option – prevention will always be better than cure. Even after 40, your teeth can be stainless white, it just takes the commitment and discipline to work towards it. Professional dentists in Thailand can offer safe and comfortable teeth whitening procedures.

Thanks for taking the time to read!

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