Flossing or Water Picking – What Is Better For You?

January 14, 2020

You probably know that flossing is one of the healthiest habits for your teeth… but have you heard about water flossing? In case you have not, our guide will explain everything to you.

On the other hand, if you have heard about it but you do not know whether it is better than traditional flossing, then we are going to bring you the answers you need.

We will review each method separately, to compare them later so you can see their pros and cons, and decide which one is the best for you.

Traditional Flossing

To complement your oral hygiene, it is essential to remove the food residues that stay between your teeth, and that is where flossing comes in, because brushing your teeth is not enough to accomplish it.

Why It Helps

All it takes is a thin piece of string that you can move up and down between your teeth, to scrape their surface to remove food leftovers and plaque off your teeth, and out from below your gum line.

Therefore, it is an excellent habit to integrate to your oral hygiene routine, because it will help you to remove food particles, and therefore, to preserve the health and looks of your teeth.

When you do not remove the leftovers from between your teeth and below your gum line, they act as a breeding ground for bacteria, which can cause all sort of diseases for your teeth and gum. In addition, they will cause stains and discoloration (chromogenic bacteria).


Nonetheless, it also has some disadvantages to consider:

  • It might increase gum sensitivity
  • It can cause minor bleeding
  • It is not possible to reach all areas of your mouth with floss
  • It requires extra care and patience

Therefore, if you already suffer of exacerbated gum sensitivity or a related disease, then traditional floss can worsen your situation.

In conclusion, it is a powerful habit to integrate because it solves one of the biggest problems of oral hygiene. Now, let us see how to do it correctly

How to Do It

The process is rather simple; nonetheless, do it with extra care, because it is easy to damage your gums when you apply too much pressure or strength. These are the steps:

  1. Buy a certified and approved dental floss (e.g. Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Comfort Plus Dental Floss)
  2. Take a piece of floss that measures around 45-50cm and wind it around your middles fingers
  3. Proceed to pinch the floss between your first fingers and your thumbs, taking care of leaving approximately 2 inches free between your hands
  4. After that, pull the floss tight between your two hands, and to guide the floss between two teeth, use your index fingers
  5. When flossing between two teeth, remember to do it with care by applying a smooth back-and-forth motion
  6. Finally, clean the entire surface of the tooth by wrapping and embracing it. Slide the floss up and down gently, to ensure that you remove all the food particles and plaque

Now you only need to repeat this process for all of your bottom and upper teeth.

As always, proceed with patience, caution and care.

Water Picking/Flossing

Unlike traditional flossing, which only involves a piece of string, water flossing requires of a special machine (waterpik), since it relies on directing a stream of water into your mouth and gums, to remove the food particles and plaque.

Furthermore, it applies a different mechanism, since it uses high-pressure water to push food away from your teeth and massage your gums, which removes the plaque and residues.

It offers all the advantages of traditional flossing but without its cons, since it does not have the tendency to damage your gums.

In addition, it is even easier to use, since you only need to direct the stream of water to the right parts of your mouth and you will complete your job.

Another major advantage is that it covers more areas of your mouth, since it has more coverage.

As it is more efficient, it requires less time and effort.

The unique aspects to consider are that you will have to buy a waterpik, which although is not expensive since you can get a decent one for 900-2,400 BAHT, it demands an investment. In addition, it is harder to carry around.

These are the best options in the market nowadays:

  • Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser
  • Zerhunt Cordless Water Flosser
  • VAVA Water Dental Flosser

In conclusion, if you can afford a Waterpik, then you should choose it because it is much better than traditional flossing. It will help you to take your oral hygiene to the next level, and therefore, one of the best investments you can do to improve your oral health and appearance.

Make Your Teeth even Healthier and More Beautiful

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