Maintaining Your Whiter, Brighter Smile

February 6, 2019

Teeth whitening treatments are the go-to for conscious people whose teeth have become discolored over time either due to diet or other factors. This comes about usually when someone has pointed it out or when an important event, usually their wedding, comes up and they now know the full yellowness of their teeth. Treatments vary and can take 60 seconds to weeks for effects to show and can last from a few weeks to a few months.

After you take your desired treatment at The Smile Bar Bangkok, it is highly recommended to take these precautions to maintain your newly whitened teeth for a longer time.

Use teeth whitening products!


When looking for teeth whitening focused products or any toothpastes, if you can, get a boost with the high fluoride toothpaste Brilliant Smile whitening Boost. It is also recommended to use an anti-stain mouth rinse like Brilliant Smile Sweden Evo Mouthrinse to act as a supplement for you mouthwash.

Brush twice a day

Hold the toothbrush flat on your teeth while using a back and forth motion. Brush each side of your teeth on the top and bottom.

Add a few small circular motions for the bristles to get into the tight areas between your teeth.

And as always, a visit to the Dentist is tops!

Regular visits to the dentist will help you assess and take care the necessary steps needed to maintain your bright smile.

Here at The Smile Bar Bangkok, we recommend 3 20 minute sessions for a very significant upgrade for some people when it’s their first time. A monthly single 20 minute session is also recommended to maintain your pearly whites good as new. Professional dentists in Thailand can offer safe and comfortable teeth whitening procedures.


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