5 Tips to a Brighter Smile

February 6, 2019

Never take for granted what a good smile can do. A good smile makes a lasting impression and can do wonders to your appearance and personality. Thus, always maintain your white teeth by following our tips below:

1. Start with Those Saliva Inducing Foods

With whitening focused toothpaste or any toothpastes, if you can, go with Brilliant Smile Sweden Evo toothpaste. It is also recommended to use an anti stain mouthrinse like our fluoride mouthwash to act as a supplement for your mouth.

2. Be Careful With What You Drink

Keep a close watch on what you drink. Sodas, energy drinks, sports drinks, and other carbonated drinks are highly acidic and can stain, not just your health, but also your teeth. Wine can also stain your teeth so make sure to rinse your mouth every time after you consume it.


3. Floss and Brush Regularly

Regular visits to the dentist will help you assess and take care the necessary steps needed to maintain your bright smile.

4. Whitening Treatment

Here at The Smile Bar Bangkok, we recommend 3 20 minute sessions for a very significant upgrade for some people when it’s their first time.

A monthly single 20 minute session is also recommended to maintain your pearly whites good as new.

With advanced technology and experienced dentists, teeth whitening in Thailand can be a great option.

5. Dental Surgery


Avail of cosmetic dental surgeries if you have a chipped tooth, or gaps between your teeth. You can also go in for veneering, bonding or for crowns to get that perfect smile. Go in for orthodontia if you have misplaced teeth. Ask your local dentist for other services. Our FAQ’s are here.


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From 2 to 9 shades whiter in 20 minutes!

Have you got ready for your bright smile?