Brighten Your Teeth Without Breaking The Bank: Teeth Whitening Bangkok Price

July 2, 2023

Has your confidence taken a dip because your teeth aren’t exactly sparkling white and bright? Do you want to brighten your teeth but the cost has always been a hindrance? At the smile bar, we understand your dilemma and that is why we have set the bar high by ensuring that you get a brighter smile at an incredibly affordable teeth whitening Bangkok price.

A dazzling smile is often associated with confidence and a positive first impression, and teeth whitening has become a popular dental treatment worldwide. In the bustling city of Bangkok, Thailand, you’ll find a multitude of dental clinics and international dentists offering top-notch teeth whitening services. 

Whether you’re looking for laser treatments, zoom whitening, or bleaching procedures, Bangkok’s dental centers have you covered. With competitive prices and a wide range of options, patients can achieve remarkable results while enjoying significant cost savings compared to their home countries. 

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These clinics and hospitals prioritize delivering exceptional cosmetic dentistry services, and patients can rely on the expertise and reviews of skilled dentists. So, if you’re seeking a brighter, more radiant smile, Bangkok’s dental centers offer a wealth of options to choose from. 

With affordable prices, state-of-the-art facilities, and professional dentists, you can confidently embark on your teeth whitening journey and leave with a stunning smile that will make heads turn.

Granted, Bangkok is known globally for its affordable and high-quality dental services. We understand that while you crave that brighter and more infectious smile, you probably have been limited by the runaway teeth whitening Bangkok price set by various teeth whitening service providers. I mean, whiter and brighter teeth have an impact on the quality of life.

You feel confident about yourself, the perception that people have about you changes for the better, and you have an overall better quality of life. This particular article is all about taking a look at teeth whitening in Bangkok, including the options at your disposal, teeth whitening Bangkok price, and the results you should expect. 

It’s about enlightening you on why at The Smile Bar, we can help you save even more on our teeth whitening services while leveraging technology.

Teeth Whitening Options In Bangkok

You’ve been thinking about giving your teeth a facelift for quite some time. You want to get your mojo back, smile confidently, and improve your self-esteem. Luckily for you, there are various teeth whitening options in Bangkok as you will learn shortly. 

We understand that while teeth whitening in Bangkok price is a major determinant, it’s also prudent that you be conversant with the available teeth whitening options in Bangkok at your disposal.

1.  Over-the-counter treatments

The over-the-counter method entails the use of teeth whitening strips, pens, kits, and toothpaste. Over-the-counter treatment is the least effective as well as the least expensive. The major difference between over-the-counter treatment and professional teeth whitening treatment is in the concentration of the chemicals used.

2.  At-home treatment

As the name suggests, this type of teeth whitening treatment is performed by yourself, in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. Like over-the-counter treatments, they are not only convenient but also affordable.

3.  In-office treatment

With in-office treatment, you let professionals such as us, The Smile Bar, take charge of restoring the color of your teeth and giving you that brighter smile that is the envy of many. In-office treatment is the most effective way of whitening your teeth because it is performed by dental professionals who leverage technology to whiten your teeth and brighten your smile.

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Teeth Whitening Bangkok Price

We live in a world where everything revolves around money. In fact, if money weren’t a limiting factor, you probably would have had your teeth whitened eons ago. Having said that, you don’t exactly have to burn a hole in your pocket in order to enjoy professional teeth whitening services in Bangkok.

And while we know that several teeth whitening service providers out there charge an arm and a leg, at The Smile Bar, affordability and high-quality teeth whitening service is our middle name.

Our teeth whitening Bangkok price is not only affordable but sensitive to people with different economic abilities.

We understand that you don’t have to pay through your nose in order to get those enviable white teeth and bright smiles. It is for this reason that we offer a number of teeth whitening packages namely: single whitening, double whitening, and triple whitening.

Our signature treatment, the triple whitening treatment, costs an affordable THB 5,799 and entails 3 direct whitening sessions of 20 minutes each for a total of 90 minutes. The single whitening treatment entails 1 direct whitening session for a total of 30 minutes and costs THB 2,399 while the double whitening treatment entails 2 direct whitening sessions for a total of 60 minutes and costs THB 4,399.

We also have a premium smile bundle that you can share with one other person, has no expiry day, flexible scheduling, up to 12 direct whitening sessions, and goes for a teeth whitening Bangkok price of THB 19,999. Amazing, right? You can check the offer of our services here and start your journey towards whiter teeth and a brighter smile!

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Results Of Teeth Whitening In Bangkok

Of course, you want to go for teeth whitening services in Bangkok and come out with whiter teeth, a brighter smile, and great confidence. This is what we endeavor to do as The Smile Bar. We are all about improving your quality of life by ensuring that the results of our teeth whitening services in Bangkok are satisfactory beyond measure.

Our triple whitening treatment is not only fast and affordable but also incredibly effective. You can expect to see significant improvement in the whiteness of your teeth after only one session! If you are the kind of person who doesn’t augur well with the ordinary and looking for a more dramatic effect, our premium smile bundle will have you gushing with your teeth 12 shades whiter!

Results matter most and perhaps you can check for yourself the testimonials of our very satisfied past clients here. We are all about results and making your teeth up to 9 shades whiter fast and painless!

If you are keen on getting teeth whitening services in Bangkok that are not only fast, leverage the use of technology, and are highly effective, you should consider no other place than the Smile Bar.

Our teeth whitening Bangkok price is affordable, our services are top-notch, our dentists are highly qualified and professional, and our treatment methods are backed up by technology. You can join our mailing list as well as follow us on Instagram. By so doing, you will be among the first people to know about our latest promotions and discounts as well as see real-life examples of our teeth whitening treatments and results on Instagram.

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Teeth whitening in Bangkok offers a fantastic opportunity to brighten your smile at an affordable price. With a plethora of dental clinics, international dentists, and advanced treatment options available in this vibrant city, achieving a radiant smile has never been more accessible. Know more about teeth whitening in Thailand here.

Whether you opt for laser treatments, zoom whitening, or bleaching procedures, Bangkok’s dental centers provide top-quality services backed by skilled dentists and state-of-the-art facilities.

The combination of competitive prices and exceptional cosmetic dentistry services makes Bangkok a popular destination for those seeking a cost-effective solution to enhance their smile. 

By taking advantage of the expertise and reviews of the best dentists in the field, you can confidently undergo teeth whitening in Bangkok and leave with a dazzling smile that will light up any room. So, why wait? Brighten your teeth without breaking the bank and experience the transformative power of a radiant smile in the heart of Thailand’s thriving dental tourism industry.

In summary, teeth whitening in Bangkok at our “The Smile Bar” clinic is without a doubt an affordable and highly effective way to brighten your smile. We promise high-quality teeth whitening services and competitive prices. In light of that, what’s keeping you from booking an appointment with us and start smiling with confidence? At The Smile Bar, we are your reliable teeth whitening partner!

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