6 Pointers to Fresher Breath

February 6, 2019

Having a white and bright smile is definitely important for any occasion as it boosts your overall appearance and persona and likewise, equally important is fresh breath. A fresh breath will give you the edge in striking conversations as it boosts self-confidence. To achieve fresh breath all day simply follow these tips!

1. Regular Rinsing an Flossing

It is usually the case that having bad breath is caused by plaque and food stuck in your teeth. To avoid bad breath due to plaque and food particles, make it a habit to rinse your mouth after every meal and floss regularly.


2. Stay away from Food that causes Bad Breath

Brushing your teeth, rinsing it with mouthwash and flossing it regularly can certainly help keep your mouth clean and healthy. However, food we consume is also a culprit! The top five main offenders that causes bad breath are garlic, onions ( especially raw), dairy, canned tuna and horseradish.

Hence, avoid consuming them before that important meeting or during a date.

3. Clean your Tongue

People tend to forget to clean their tongue during toothbrush, so plaque tends to breed on your tongue which will later on spread to our teeth that can cause bad breath and discoloration. To prevent this from happening always remember to clean your tongue by scraping it with a tongue cleaner.

4. Quit Smoking

There’s a distinct smell that smokers have and it is awful! Smokers tend to have bad breath because if you already have bad breath, smoking only adds more to the problem as it causes gum and stain problems in your teeth. Therefore, quit smoking as it not only intensify your bad breath but it is also carcinogenic! You can also opt for a session of teeth whitening at The Smile Bar Bangkok to take care of the stained teeth.


5. Adopt Healthy Habits

You are responsible with what you eat and making small changes can go a long way to avoid having bad breath. Rinsing your mouth after every meal and trimming down on sugary snacks can go a long way in making your breath stay fresh.

Also remember to take care of your gums to prevent bacteria hosting in it which causes plaque and bad breath.

6. Keep Your Mouth Wet

Bad breath can be the result of dry mouth. Therefore always make sure that your mouth is moist by keeping yourself hydrated with water and chewing on saliva-inducing fruits and vegetables such as celery, apples and carrots.


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