How Often Should You Whiten Your Teeth?

October 2, 2019

Finally, you have whitened your teeth. They look a lot better than before, because they make your smile wonderful and attractive. It makes you feel amazing, but then a question pops up in your head… how long will it last?

How often will you have to whiten your teeth to sustain the results? This is, by far, the most popular question that our patients at The Smile Bar ask when we have finished the treatment. We are going to answer it to you with plenty of details!

Long Story Short: How Often?

In average, you will need to undergo the process again until your reach your natural teeth color, without any food stains inside your enamel. It will allow you to preserve the excellent looks of your whitened teeth for the long run. As you can see, it is a minimal investment of time and money.


Nonetheless, most people find that they need a touch up (Single Whitening) every 3-4 months. Such quick fixes allow you to correct minor imperfections to keep the results that you obtained with the original treatment.

To help you sustain your results, below you will find plenty of tips that will allow you to get the best out of our teeth whitening treatment.

They are recommended by expert dentists, and fortunately, they are very easy to integrate into your life!

For those looking for a quick and affordable smile makeover, teeth whitening in Thailand is worth considering.

What Factors Come into Play?

The answer above is very subjective, because it depends on several factors that we are going to discuss below.

Quality of Treatment

It all starts with the quality of the teeth whitening treatment that you receive. In our case, we use a 4-step plan to whiten your teeth:

  1. Orientation to check the starting shade
  2. Pre-whitening to prepare your teeth for the main procedure
  3. Direct whitening, using our exclusive BRILLIANTSMILE™ Sweden’s Exclusive Whitening Gel boosted with our UV-free LED Plasma Light during 20 minutes
  4. Post-whitening, to compare your new shading with the initial one and bring you exclusive tips for maintaining your results

With this type of treatment that uses the latest teeth whitening technology and brings you maintenance tips and solutions, you will be able to keep your results for a longer time than with an average treatment.

In our case, you could limit your maintenance to once every 1-2 years. Nonetheless, it also depends on how strict you are regarding your maintenance habits. In addition, you also need to factor in your diet and lifestyle.


The best way to keep your smile shining for longer is to use teeth whitening products in addition to the main treatment. In our case, we offer you the best post-whitening products, which along with keeping your smile beautiful and shining; they will also keep your teeth healthy.


For your maintenance, we offer you the following solutions:

By using these products every day, you will keep your teeth white and shining. We will instruct you how once we have finished your direct whitening treatment!

Your Diet

The quality of your diet will also play a fundamental role. Instead of focusing on the negative, let us focus on what really matters:

  • Limit sugar – keep it under 30 grams a day, because sugar tends to cause cavities and contributes to surface stains and discoloration
  • Incorporate detergent foods – because they increase saliva production and help to clean your teeth. Ideal examples are carrots, apples, popcorn and celery
  • Eat nutrient-dense foods – because they allow you to get the nutrition you need to make your body function properly and keep your teeth at their best state. Such foods include meat, eggs, milk, yogurt, fruits and leafy greens

You should avoid the excessive consumption of coffee, because it tends to create stains on the surface of your teeth. The same goes for wine and grape juice. They have the same tendency.

You can enjoy them once in a while, of course, just do not make their consumption a habit.

Your Habits

Your lifestyle choices also play a huge role in the way your teeth look, and of course, they will also dictate how long your teeth whitening results will last.

Here you have the most important habits to follow:

  • Stop smoking – because it is one of the most damaging habits for your body. In addition to damaging your lungs and several other organs, it also causes tooth decay and discoloration. Furthermore, it also causes foul breath. Enough reasons to eliminate it from your life.
  • Brush your teeth properly – because it is the main way to clean your teeth, remove residues and brush off stains. You should do it every time after a meal. Do it in circular motions and pay attention to every zone of your mouth
  • Use tooth floss – after brushing your teeth to ensure that they are free of food residues. It only takes a couple of minutes and this simple habit will allow you to keep your teeth white and shining for more time
  • Avoid mouth breathing – because it contributes to the formation of plaque. Breathe properly through your nose because it will allow you to stop your teeth from becoming filters of dirt. An excellent way to practice it is with meditation, just focus on breathing through your nose


Apply these simple changes to your lifestyle will allow you to keep your teeth white for the long run. Surprisingly, many people do not apply them, but now that you are aware, you can implement them to get superb results.

As an additional note, by using our teeth whitening products, you will bring your teeth the treatment they need to remove stains effectively and bring your mouth a proper oral hygiene.


Now you know how often you will have to whiten your teeth, and more importantly, now you know how you can extend the duration of your results.

Now you know so much about teeth whitening in Bangkok, come to the shop and book your appointment now.

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