How Long Does A Teeth Whitening Treatment Last?

October 10, 2019

Unfortunately, the effects of a teeth-whitening treatment will not last forever. That is the crude reality, and in this new post, The Smile Bar is going to explain you everything about it.

We are going to show you why the quality of your treatment will influence how long the effects last, as well as other important factors.

Why There Is No Permanent Teeth Whitening?

Because there is no way to alter the color of your teeth permanently. All a whitening treatment does is to improve the appearance of your mouth by attacking stains and discolored molecules deep into the enamel.

The stains and discolored molecules appear because of daily activities such as eating, drinking, and in some cases, due to mouth breathing. Of course, the quality of your food and your beverages will influence how your teeth look.

In consequence, there is not a natural way to protect your teeth permanently from stains and discolored molecules, because they will always appear. However, if you improve your oral hygiene habits and diet, you can make it last much longer.

Nonetheless, the quality of your teeth whitening treatment also plays a fundamental role. We are going to show you why.


Why The Smile Bar Will Bring You Results that Last Longer

A proper teeth-whitening treatment should bring you results that last a minimum of 6 months.

It all depends on the quality of your treatment, to be honest. It will depend based on the whitening agents they use, as well as the equipment.

First, you need a whitening gel that truly penetrates the enamel safely, to remove the discolored molecules and get rid of the stains.

Second, you need a UV-free LED light to amplify the effects of the gel. Unfortunately, not all whitening treatments can offer this sort of technology.

That is why at The Smile Bar we can bring you superior results. We combine these two elements to bring you a complete treatment that gets rid of discolored molecules and stains like no other treatment!

Our process goes down like this, so you can understand each step and how they play together to bring you what we promise.

Four Steps for Longer Lasting Teeth Whitening Results

Before we begin, let us show you the quality of our gel and our equipment because they are the cornerstone of our treatment:

  • Gel: BRILLIANT SMILETM Sweden’s Exclusive Whitening Gel
  • LED Light: UV-free LED Plasma Light

We will show you how we use them together in our four-step treatment to deliver you superior results. The best you will find in Bangkok because we bring you a procedure that brings you the best value for your money!

First, our team of teeth-whitening experts will bring you an overview of the treatment and we will evaluate the shade of your teeth, to determine the initial color of your teeth.

Second, you will perform our pre-whitening procedure:

  1. Gargling with BrilliantSmileTM WhiteningEVO Mouthrinse
  2. Brushing with BrilliantSmileTM WhiteningEVO Toothpaste

It will prepare the terrain for the main procedure by removing surface stains, so that the gel and the plasma light can act correctly.

Third, this is where the fun starts. We will apply the : BRILLIAN SMILETM Sweden’s Exclusive Whitening Gel on your teeth, and then use the UV-free LED Plasma Light to boost the effects of the gel. It takes barely 20 minutes. No pain or side effects whatsoever. Your teeth will look whiter instantly!


Fourth, we will show you the results by comparing your actual color to the pre-treatment color. You will be able to notice a huge difference, and to sustain the results of your treatment, we will bring you exclusive tips for maintenance.

Make Your Teeth Whitening Be Worth It

As you can see, the length of the results will depend on the quality of the whitening agent, in this case our gel, and the technology and equipment used to boost the results, in this case our cutting-edge UV-free LED Plasma Light.

By investing in a proper treatment in the first place, you will obtain results that last for much longer. You will need minimal retouches, especially if you follow our post-treatment advice.

We will recommend you to use our whitening and maintenance products to keep your teeth white and shining. Here is what we suggest you to use:

  • WhiteningEVO Mouthrinse – To brush off stains easily in just a minute. You can do it every morning
  • WhiteningEVO Toothpaste – To dissolve surface stains when you brush your teeth
  • WhiteningBOOST Toothpaste – To bring your teeth a whitening boost when you need it the most

As you can see, we even cover the post-treatment results because our goal is to bring you a phenomenal smile that last for much longer.

Considerations to Boost the Duration of Your Results

Nonetheless, there are certain things you need to consider to boost the duration of your results even more. With our treatment, especially if you follow our maintenance advice, you will keep your teeth looking fabulous for many years to come. Nonetheless, consider the following:

  • Smoking will create more stains and get your teeth discolored
  • Sugary drinks, wine, tea and coffee also tend to create surface stains
  • To protect your teeth from the damage of food leftovers and bacteria, you need to brush after every meal
  • Tooth floss will help you to reach the places that your toothbrush cannot. Therefore, you need to incorporate it to your oral hygiene routine
  • Check out your diet, to make sure that you are getting enough macronutrients and micronutrients, because they also influence your teeth health

If you put our recommendations in practice along with our maintenance tips, you will keep your fabulous smile for a very long time.


Now that you know how long a whitening treatment last, and that you know what factors influence it, everything should be clear. Furthermore, consider our recommendations and you will boost the duration of your results even longer.

Now you know so much about teeth whitening in Bangkok, come to the shop and book your appointment now.

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